Composition Book - Mastering Composition in digital photography, by Stephen Hockman

Book:  Mastering Composition in digital photography (Stephen Hockman)

This is a very basic book, that briefly introduces some classic compositional rules of photography.

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Portrait Book - Portrait photography, by Monte Zucker

Book:  Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook (Monte Zucker)

One of the best books I have read about portraits. The golden principles still apply in the digital age. Good examples and explanations.

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Portrait Book - Master Posing Guide For Wedding Photographers, by Bill Hurter

Book:  Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers (Bill Hurter)

Another great classic book on the topic of portraits. It covers many types and styles of portraits, with nice samples and easy explanations. Although it focuses on wedding photography, the information can be applied to almost all portraits.

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Portrait Book - Master guide for Photographing High School Seniors,  by Dave Wacker

Book:  Master guide for photographing high school seniors (Dave Wacker)

Another great classic book on the topic of portraits. Do not be put off by the title of photographing high school seniors - it is basically photography for year end photo books, but the tips and learning's will apply to any portraits taken,.

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How to Pose a Model for Headshots: A Five-Minute Portrait Tutorial, by Tony Northrup

Triangle of Photography


Watch reviews, read manuals, dig deeper into your camera’s menus and settings, and practice.


Learn more about the art and science of photography.


Watch tutorials and learn more about editing software.

The triangle of photography in my eyes are knowing your camera, knowing your photography (techniques, style, art, science, technology) and knowing your software (editing and processing). Practice makes perfect as they say, so review tutorials and practice as much as possible to develop your own style.

Classic Posing and Portraits, by Frank Dispensa Portrait Photography, by Jeff Smithy (Amherst Media, Inc.) Master Lighting Guide, by Christopher Grey (Amherst Media, Inc.) Use the play list control to view the collection of videos General tutorials covering Photography: Specialist tutorials:

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Harmonious Color Schemes, by Elaine Barrette Farmer

Book:  Harmonious Color Schemes (Elaine Barrette Farmer)

I found this to be a great book on color theory and color harmonies. It is based on traditional art and traditional medium, but all the concepts still apply to digital medium and photography.

The author first provides a background and history to the so color wheel and then provides plenty examples of color schemes, color mixing and example paintings showcasing the color themes. Even if you use digital art and medium, the classic theories and art of mixing and combining colors still applies.

For photographers this could also provide learning and examples for selecting appropriate backgrounds colors to provide harmony with the main subject.

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General tips and tricks

Painting for Photographers Volume 2, by Karen Sperling

Book:  Painting for Photographers Volume 2 (Karen Sperling)

This book is aimed at those that wish to take their photographs and turn them into digital paintings. It is aimed at users of Corel Painter - the best software package for digital painting, especially if used in conjunction with a Wacom tablet and pen.

The author first provides ample examples and background to the art theories and styles. You will see how to create an artistic background theme to suit your subject. The book inspires you to learn, experiment and apply the concepts on your own photographs.

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