Welcome to Mister Zeus loves photography:

I aim to share the fun of photography with you viewers from all across the globe.  

While learning the art and science of photography, I have stumbled across some great resources, and I will try to share these with hobby photographers.

The Know Your Camera section aims to provide various reviews and tutorials on the different camera vendors and models. This may help you decide which model and what features you can utilize.

My ART section aims to share tutorials and reading materials I enjoyed and learnt from on my journey of learning to paint digitally. Learn about classic art theories and concepts, understand how to use digital painting software and hardware, and bring it all together by applying the time tested techniques and theories to your digital paintings.

In the Know Your Photography section I aim to showcase tutorials and reading materials I found useful for learning the science and art of photography. Learn how to compose, apply settings, get creative, and develop your own style.

The Know Your Software section is aimed at highlighting all the great tutorials out there for FREE, helping you get the most out of your photo editing software, help you decide which software to buy, and to discover your creative side.

My Shop has the aim of raising money for charities (for animal and human friends). All profits go to charity.

The E-Magazine is aimed at providing short photography articles, tips, reviews, and sample photos for various topics. It is a FREE digital magazine in PDF format.


Photo galleries are from my photography outings.

My Blog section will highlight my thoughts on various photography subjects.

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